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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A New Beautiful Poem by Maddie Coleman

In honor of dad - by Maddie Coleman

Though the light turns off,
The torch doesn't stop shining
As he hands it off to many more,
to light their paths,
with a new type of glow.
Torch of wisdom.
Torch of knowledge
Now we can see
through the dark,
thanks to him.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Poem from Maddie Coleman

Here is a post from my dad's great grand niece, Maddie Coleman. Maddie--my dad loved the poem and thinks you will be a famous writer someday.

Dear Uncle Leo,
I wrote a poem the other day and I thought that you would enjoy it,
Sun and Moon
The sun skips across the trees
Coming and going
As the quick clouds steal it’s light
The moon glows in the water,
Absorbed in its own
Luminescent glow
The light of the day,
The light of the night,
Always bright
I really hope you like it- it would mean a lot to me.
Love your great grand niece, MaddieRed heart
P.S. This email was sent with hugs and kisses!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

A snowy Worcester commute.

A messy commute from New Braintree this morning. Stop and go all the way from the center of Rutland. I'm very glad to have my new Yokohama Geo something tires on my car. Also a great surprise was getting a Patriotsproshop giftcard that came with my purchase. Soon I'll be getting a Patriots jersey and hopefully will have it in time to see the Patriots make it to the Superbowl.
We'll be getting our special snacks ready for Saturdays game. Dad says Go Pats! I'll have to post one of our old Patriots party pictures next time.

Dad would like some interesting stories to see on the blog. Karen has just arrived and now it's time for lunch.
Bye Bye

Friday, January 06, 2012

Finally a little snow!

Lynda and Dad here. Finally we got a little snow. Just a dusting, but at least it looks like winter. Me and dad having a Dunkin D coffee at the moment. Dad says happy new year! Also Karen will be driving my old car this week after hitting a deer last week with her own car. Say a little prayer for her and her driving. (lots of prayers says Lynda and tell the animals to watch out, lol) The car has a lot of miles, but he would like it to get him over to the bookstore soon.

Lynda finally figured out how this blog works. If you are new to blogging and would like to create your own posts on this blog, send an email to leocoleman@rocketmail.com and we can add you to the author list. After that you'll receive an email back with an invitation to join. The only catch is you have to set up a gmail account, but that's free and easy to do. Of course at any time you can comment on our posts just by clicking the comment button.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

My Life as a Snowflake by Rebecca Chilton

"My Life as a Snowflake"

I was in a gray frosty cloud as a little drop of water. Then I grew six arms and dropped right out of the cloud and watched as I landed on a beautiful gingerbread house. But then I melted on a gumdrop. I had a short, but sweet life!

From Rebecca, a true optimist!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Coleman Christmas

Christmas came to the Coleman household. Cathy, Lynda, and Karen, and Lynda's kids, Jessica and Rebecca, joined Leo and Shirley in some Christmas music. Leo played harmonica. Jessica played the bass clarinet. Rebecca, the newest member of the band, is now learning how to play the flute like Auntie Karen.

Leo's most intriguing present was the digital clock about 6 inches wide that tells the time and the date and day which he got from his daughter and her husband. It also has a special place for a pad and pen in it. He is telling me the day and time as we speak. It's very nice. He says he is now never at a loss for what day or time it is and he thanks Lynda & Rich very much.

In other exciting presents was a present to Shirley from the 3 kids of a weekend away to visit her sister and her aunt in NH and have a great dinner at the Olive Garden. Also a special Coleman Music Night to be held at a later date. More info to come on this. Leo also got a special hat that says "Captain Leo." Cathy had to be a little crafty to put this together. (only using iron on letters though -- not too crafty. She is not very crafty!) Any of you who have been to Disney World may know the exhibit known as "Captain EO." The hat came from there and was only missing an L.

Callie, the cat is enjoying most the small red box that Karen had a present in. Though she barely fits herself in it, she loves to sit in it!

Write a comment and tell us about your holidays!

Cathy & Leo

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Speaking with friends

It has been some time since I've been able to talk with my friends because my daughters have been very busy. I was very impressed with Homer Chalifoux, my childhood neighborhood friend, who was able to drive all the way from Concord, NH to visit me. That was quite a long drive and I thank him for doing that. Isn't often that you get a friend to drive that distance. That's a 140 mile round trip!

I was sorry to hear of the demise of the fighter Joe Frasier. He had a distinct style of speaking. Write back and tell me what is going on in your lives. I look forward to hearing from all of you. I'm really anxious to hear what is going on in YOUR lives. I don't get a chance to write on this very often, but you can look at the latest one that I wrote to check in.